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The Fallacy of Women… I

It never fails to surprise me!

Men’s arrogant presumption that women fall for their lines or God forbid, for them…

We don’t go blind or deaf, you delusional fools that we can’t see how you play us. The promises, the ploys, the words, I’ve heard them all and I know how they are used to get what you want without the added baggage.  Conventional rules don’t apply to me, but you forget that I’m not conventional either.

When I say I love you, it does not mean that my mind does not process what you say and what you mean when you use those same words.  I don’t fall for the words.  I fall for what they represent, because no matter how strong I am, somewhere in my gene code is a woman who wants that security of having a man look after me, to not have to be so strong all the time… but that’s another story, for another day.

Let’s just say I know what you’re after.  Dress it up as pretty as you want darling, it doesn’t change the facts of what you want…  And the game is usually only as good as the chase!  Not that you don’t enjoy the capture and capitulation…  The thrill of that first warm spurt of blood down a predator’s throat when he bites down on a gazelle’s neck… Bliss!

But be warned dear, that behind my half closed eyes, my mind is awake and it breathes and watches and waits…  It knows who I am and also knows what it needs to do when I need to snap out of it.  Women are purposefully, knowingly fools!  And men, bless their little ….. well, just bless, think they have tamed her.

Remember love, If I am being used for your gratification, it is because I allow it.  It has nothing to do with you.  Besides, gratification is a two-way process.

Body chemistry and reaction!  It’s how we’re programmed to respond.  The affection, the touch, the kiss… I could yearn for the physicality of that expression and gratification as much as you…  And since, conventional rules don’t apply, let’s play the game…  So you use me and I use you…  And what happens after…

I will say ENOUGH!  And I will walk away from you and all you represent…

For no reason, except that you have served your purpose and I am no longer willing to play the fool…

March 2012