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Wednesday Wanderings 47: Forever

Walking off the Heathrow Express and going towards the train at Paddington Station that’ll take me onward, occupied with the multiple hassle of looking for the right platform, grabbing my ticket and passport and managing my knapsack and suitcase, the first indication I had of something happening was the muffled oomph somewhere above me. The fluttering pieces of paper were a dead give away too as my suitcase lay on its side and my knapsack proceeded to pull me down left-ways too. Except that gravity was defied?

I’m suddenly upright and looking into a very nice grey shirt, framed by the lapels of a dark jacket further framed by large raincoat which lead me to conclude brilliantly that I have managed to walk into somebody, thankfully not knocking them over. Looking back and a long way up though, it would have been rather hard to move him anyhow. So, what happens? An excuse me, a slight brushing of hands as he hands me my documents and walks past, as I reach down to grab my luggage.

And yet as I walk away, all the years spent reading romance novels and mooning over the clichéd moments that ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge’ so thrived on, had me for just a moment, turning back to look at him and surprising him doing the same. Tall, dark hair and a nice enough face I suppose, that imprinted itself on my brain with a surprised expression softening with a small smile even as he turned away.

There was no way to stop the mile wide smile that spread across my face as I walked to the train that would be my abode for nearly 7 hours to Edinburgh. And now as I sit here watching lush greens blend in with charcoal grays, I think back to the start of my new journey. Moments… Life is full of them according to any book I’ve read. Moments that can be all you need them to be because for an instant they’ll show you ALL the possibilities that lie therein…

I think I just had one of those moments. A perfect start to a new journey! Auspicious beginnings… A moment to stand out, bright and beautiful forever in the tale that will be…


Wednesday Wandering 46: Numb

…I have not loved the world, nor the world me;…

… I stood,

Among them, but not of them; in a shroud

Of thoughts which were not their thoughts…

 – C. XIII Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage – Canto IV – Lord Byron

Curiouser and curiouser is how everyday life tends to take the impression of the surreal.  Rather than living them, I seem to go through my days, floating through an all enveloping fog that blurs the harsh edges and the cruel pits that are inevitably there.  Unfortunately, it all rather dims the color and the brilliance that tend to make life a miracle.


Blogword no. 45: Learn

It was the middle of the story and I trailed off, the protests around me drowned out by the screaming silence that echoed within me as my eyes were caught. There in the corner of the room sat my young niece playing pretend with a princess in a tower and a knight charging to the rescue. Fairy tales and happy endings sparkled in her eyes and rang in her laughter as she ensured that they rode off into the sunset. Next to her, another older child sat next the window, the sun adding color to her face as she reads a tale where a pair overcomes all adversity in the name of true love.

And yet rather than smiling, the sight preceded crescendos of broken dreams, and harsh reality in my mind. To grow up believing in a world of magic, of good conquering all evil, of love being worth everything, what will they suffer when they learn that in real life that there are no heroes, no fairy tales and no happily ever afters…

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