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To Orkut or not Orkut????

So I had a long time standing obsolete account which I didn’t even bother creating a profile for and then I’m reminded that there are some uses for the thing like keeping track of people I’ll never see again.. (Hmmm, wonder why that made sense a while back), like students I get along with and some old time friends who have unfortunately degenerated to this… And while I was pondering what to do, Lo and Behold, Sheen e-mails me an invite to Orkut and this time I actually managed to create a profile and mark a reminder for the password…
I even went further to actually going through some communities like those of Ex-Beaconites and friends of my friends thingies to add a LOT of people and in the space of a day have 12 people on my friend list but get this, through 12 friends I am connected to 19, 291, 675 people!! I mean, I am a people person, mostly, but SO MANY?
So, why this need to keep track of people? We have trouble managing and understanding the ones who are already a part of our world and yet we have all these virtual worlds that are dedicated to the human phenomenon of renewing old ties and building new ones. We go through life complaining about binds and rules and things that keep us tied down, moaning about the past and present not leaving us room for a future, yet it is us that rush to hold on to that very past the minute it shows signs of becoming the slightest bit fuzzy.
I can relate my need to connect to people at Beaconhouse because that time was the best in my life. The friendships I formed during my 12 years there endure today, touchwood and are a stay through all times, good and bad. Because my general memories related to the school and campus are pleasant, I wanted to connect to more people who had been a part of it, and who maybe at times, felt as I did.
Although, the anonymous, unknown part of the scrapbook scribblings and getting weird, misspelled with no concern for grammar or language invites is highly irritating. I sound snobbish, I suppose but I have a real hangup about proper grammar and sentence structure etc…
In other news, am finally done with the assessments for all 3 courses and finalized drafts for final papers starting on the 1st. Yaaaayyyy!! All that remains is to get a total of around 170 copies and sign, seal and deliver ’em!

Summer Weddings!

“No april rain,
No flowers bloom
No wedding saturday within the month of june”
I Just Called to Say… – Stevie Wonder
Wonder what day and age he’s talking about!! I’ve got so many wedding saturdays to go to that I’m in danger of needing a few extra weekends for the month. And it’s not just the saturdays either. 😦
Life was so much simpler when I was a kid. Weddings just meant being forced into nice, female, frothy concoctions and hair being tied into ribbons and forced into these torture devices called clips and then I was allowed (at times) to run wild with the others like me, crushing any adults that dared to be in our way with their shoes, and handbags and those stupid chairs till my woe begone parents grabbed me and politely said their good byes while trying to manage a wriggling, wiggling bundle only they could identify as the well-dressed princess they had brought with them. And soon I would be in the comfort of my home and my mama would be having this amazing conversation with me about what my behavior had been like and what she would have liked to do with me etc etc.. I realize now that this was a completely one-sided conversation!
Now, I am in most cases, one of those resigned, thoroughly bored looking adults, again forced into formal finery, enduring stepped on toes, shoved chairs, screams and general annoying antics of kids being kids sitting there because of some weird twist of fate that meant that the marrying parties or any one of them is a colleague, neighbour, acquaintance and you have to attend. What’s worse is that the only person you know at the whole shin-dig is first getting preened at a beauty salon and then sitting on stage being immortalized on film with that halo of bright yellow light around them and God bless the camera men, women, girls and boys now equipped with cell phones…
And this summer heat really is not helping… I’m at a point where come June, I will be in the perfect position to sympathize with the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz…
“I’m Melting! I’m Melting…”

Tuesday Blacks & Blues…

I’m hyper ventilating and degressing and wondering how the two contradictory states co-exist.. 😀 Back to the grind, with one set of assessments completed and submitted but the other two can only be compiled and submitted after I’ve taken the third periodicals scheduled respectively for tomorrow and friday for each of the two subjects and then I have to prepare sets for the Finals starting next week. I’ve got a student getting married in June and have to take just his paper before that except that I can’t remember the dates I told him to come and see me.
I’ve been saddled with extra responsibility during exam week starting from the 1st. Invigilation! Poor kids are so screwed! ‘Coz I am a notoriously mean supervisor being one of those few who abhor cheating in any form. Although, confidentially I think that’s because I never did learn how to cheat. I am one, who actually got busted while telling a girl sitting next to me during the BA mocks ages ago to button it! I still remember the exasperation I felt when I was trying to explain to the invigilators that I am seriously not one who needs help to attempt an English Grammar Exam. Not to sound cocky, but I could attempt the paper with my eyes closed and in less than half the time Point being, I don’t get it! And hence, anyone employing bootis, stage whispers or whispers or strategically placed answer sheets to help the less forunate is going to get a taste of my very sarcastic tongue and by those who’ve heard me in that mode, think I’m quite good… Apparently I do something with my eyebrow that makes it really effective…
In other news, I’m broke and although I am quite confident of my supreme intelligence to get me through a GMAT without the time to prepare for it, I have postponed it. Supreme cowardice being the only excuse. My baba, being the total sweetheart that he is would probably pay the registration fees if I asked but can you imagine the pressure… Heesh! I just may resort to begging him but only after I manage enough time management to prepare for it… somewhat..
P.S. Serious weight issues now threaten to bog me down and drive me insane… more than usual. If you look big in black, you have a crisis on your hands and I’m pretty sure I’m there… How do I actually get to the point where I start to do something effectively to lose weight?????

I have one, You have one and They DON’T!!

I occasionally emerge from the rolling, shaking mass of hysterical laughter that I dissolved into to try and look at the newspaper now so crumpled and torn up somewhere under me.

I mean I always knew that I was intellectually, humanly, emotionally, even physically so much better off than the majority of the gainsayers of our political system but I was totally tickled when I was informed that I’m materially better off than them too!!

And why? Because I have a car and a totally huge number of members of the National Assembly, Federal and State Ministers DO NOT!

Whenever the Election Commission or any other Accountability Bureau comes up with these brilliant ideas of the people in the echelons of power to declare their assets, we all take them with a measure of salt but it never fails to amaze me when these statements are actually published.

Just how stupid is the populous supposed to be? Or maybe how brilliant does the populous have to be to understand that all these declarations are going to be a whole load of … phooey!! Reminding myself of those salient issues of trust and what trust is and what contemporary issues in leadership are which I was trying to get through to my students a couple of weeks back, I recall these 5 points that are important for trust to develop and they covered something like integrity, openness, loyalty, reliability etc and every time these reports and declarations come out, I slam into the reality that these characteristics have been chewed and spat out quite literally in our faces.

You know, I realize the tragedy of it but I know just for a day, it felt good to smile whenever I thought that I have a car and they don’t!

Wonder what they’ll do to top this…


Life is REALLY not all!

Where have I been for 3 months? Thanking God that I still have what it takes in this hi-tech world to not turn to my PC for more than 60 days and realize the importance of having a good book to cuddle up with even in this heat… And the fact that I still have so many books unread. And despite the weight gain, which stuns me with its efficiency I ha-dore books!
At university every day, I moan and groan about the fact that so few people read these days and I’m talking books, papers, magazines, even comics! Even reading trash helps you by opening up your world just a little, by telling you it exists and is very much there… I wonder if I could find someone who’s invent a machine that’ll help people reach out for a book?
Speaking of which, does anyone know where the Islamabad of yore has gone where we had an actual spring? Where March bloomed in glorious colour and we could still feel the need for full-sleeved mid-weather clothing? I dig heat mostly but this was a bit much.. But thank God, for some rain that came down mid evening today… If I could bottle up one fragrance in the world, it would be the scent released by the dry, parched earth, when the first drop falls… Yum!
Bit much was also the way our government handled the funeral arrangements of one Aamir Cheema, and the way people are trying to politicize it, whose tragic death in a German jail, like so many things will remain unexplained and unjustified. All we can and will do is pray for the departed soul and the ones he left behind.
Exams start next week and I am procrasinating about preparing three sets of papers, finalizing the lists of assessments and marking presentations and wondering if it would really be malicious to flunk a student who I have seen in class just twice in the entire semester? God help me!
Note to self:
Additionally, remember that the only way you’re going to get admission anywhere is if you actually apply and manage to give the GMAT and IELTS well in time and remember as well that scholarships take time!!!

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