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For Pride and Hope… I go green!

The Captain

Mon Capitan!

“This game is not a matter of life and death — it only feels that way…”

Boys, you did so much better than anyone expected…  Thank you!

You remain heroes for bringing this nation torn by strife, pain, anger, disillusion a single, strong glimmer of hope…


In This Place You’ll Feel There’s No Hurt Or Sorrow

“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”

So said Michael Jackson and I hope in his passing he found the peace that eluded him in his life.

Michael Joseph Jackson – August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009

So, Michael Jackson’s Dead.  Kind of hard to believe.  I didn’t track him career like a hound but he was hard to ignore… The ever changing skin colour, the physical transformation and yes the scandals of child molestation.  There were other things too, which I’m sure will be fed to us by the foaming at the mouth media till its all but coming out of our ears and nose and but cut the guy a break.  It’s bad enough to have every facet of your life examined to the point that your body being taken by paramedics outside your home is captured by the papparazzi of all things…  And then in death, every person deeming it their right to talk about you as if you were their best friend…  Yet death comes to you alone.  I always feel sorry for all these stars… sorrier as they become more famous because suddenly they are public fodder.  They’re not allowed to be human, to be flawed or insecure or to hurt.  Plastic!

It takes death to humanize them but we don’t let them have that either… They are now angels, fallen or otherwise, glorified in death and made a spectacle out of…  Their life and death sold on the streets… Like 20 dollar t-shirts with the king of pop’s picture on it selling outside the UCLA medical center where he died within hours of his passing! And it’ll go on… His albums, songs, videos, his life… Items he used, his home and whatever his last rites may be..  will be catalogued, labeled, valued and sold and resold like so many trophies… and will make people rich!

There was a time when I thought that there only was one singer in the world and his name was Michael Jackson.  As in ALL songs were only ever sung by MJ.  And his videos are still fun to watch.  Who hasn’t watched the boyfriend turn to werewolf to boyfriend to amazing dancing zombie in Thriller.  I know as hell that I did.  And tried to copy them too.  The moon walk, the pelvic thrusts, the spin, the twitches and grunts and shouts and the “Ow”… all of it.  I still know the words to Beat it, and Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean… All the rest… Dirty Diana, Remember the time, Black or White, Heal the World, Man in the Mirror, Who is it, Give in to me and They don’t care about us….  Oh so many!

I hope you find the care in the other world Michael Jackson, that you didn’t get here….



The Big Three-Oh!

Well!  it’s here and I don’t feel all that much different from yesterday!  And at this moment, I don’t think I will either.

My day was for lack of a more encompassing word, absolutely “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”!  As Mary Poppins puts it, it what you say when you have nothing to say.  Not that I ever have nothing to say but today was indescribable.  The depth of my ingratitude to Allah for the way my life is blessed is astonishing at times.  So many little things, that we take for granted, which we realize much later are what we truly ever need like how many people remember not only your day but out of the chaos that is life, take the time out to wish you.

I had it all today.  First of, A DAY OFF!!  😀  Then phone calls and sms that started from 12 in the am and are still sporadically letting their presence known.  A special party for moi arranged by a professor turned mentor turned friend turned mom in law thanks to her 9 month son, with a home baked cake just for me and presents.  I have to say at this point that my favorite has to be the one given to me by my 9 month old fiance.  You can’t top a photo frame with a picture of the 2 of us, can you?

Nonetheless, got home to find another package.  A TCS from my gf,  with a shawl, a handbag, a card and the best part which had me laughing out loud, chocolate cookies to die for…  And for those who know TCS policy of no food items, imagine what my gf does for my chocolate cravings!!  Lovies you babe!  (I wonder how long they’ll last?)

The Prezzies

Life is good and I am most thankful for it!


Blueberry Muffins At Last

Biting into yum yum goodness… Sigh!  Can’t believe there were only two!  I was scrappy enough to actually split one just so I could savour its delectable fruitiness for another day.  Even on the 3rd day they were so worth it!!

Of course the associations with the muffins are extra special.  The person who brought them, the whole planning that simply turned into an ‘as and what happens-when’ randomness just made that first luscious bite oh so worth waiting months for!   Meeting up with friends and something more for the few hours we had, spent with good food, good conversation and standard insanity and you have a pretty good time anyway.  And as Mystique put it here, nutshells, hunny bunnys and jaanu maanus made the whole thing so much more worth sighing over on late night telephonic conversations and sms…  🙂  The fact that we were in minors’ company (a.ka. seven and nine year old girlies) made absolutely no difference to the diverse discussion going from weight gain to weight loss, to chocolate embargos (sigh), to potentially lining up and short listing candidates after a gruelling session of getting and watching asses kicked in Lahore later in the year… 😉

So Nutshell, when ARE we going to see you again? 🙂

March 2020