October 16th 2011 – Describe a Childhood Birthday

Cake, balloons and lots of kids going crazy!  My birthdays were insane and probably among the most awaited events in the calenders of all my friends.

The funnest part of remembering childhood birthdays for me is that my brother and I used to celebrate our birthdays three times a year!

Party number one, on the day itself, an evening affair with a heavy duty tea with cousins and family.  Friends weren’t invited because my December birthday usually came around exam season.

Party number two, a combined formal, all out birthday party with my younger brother (born in January) just before the start of the school year.  Around 40 kids used my parents front lawn, and drawing room as an all out fun fiesta.  I think mardi gras is peaceful compared to the noise that we used to generate.  My father likes to still remind us to be thankful that we were in Pakistan or we’d find ourselves arrested for disturbing the peace!  Those parties were immense and unbelievable fun!  An unholy number of planned and unplanned games that eventually used to take us running around the entire block or house, whichever we thought had more potential to be painted red.  Two cakes and a dining table groaning with the weight of yum yums galore.  Only my parents could have the strength to keep doing that well till my 16th birthday.

And then a third birthday in school to include those unfortunate “boys” who were not invited to my all girl bash! 😀  Aaaahhh… Such satisfaction mean little me used to get when I initially used to hand out invitations with detailed descriptions of what my party will have in front of them.  And of course, a lunch at school with my parents bringing cake and snacks was such a self satisfying moment in itself.

My birthdays were amazing…  The people who made my birthdays so amazing are all far away now, settled in their lives, some abroad, some here but I can recall each of them every time I hear a birthday song off-key!

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