October 10th 2011 – Favorite Room in The House

We’ve moved through a lot of houses.  If I didn’t know better, I would think we were gypsies.  In all those homes, I had a room, a nook, a cranny, even a window to sit and daydream in.  I used to think a large, old fashioned window was essential.  It was more than a window you see.  It was a portal into a world beyond the mundane that clutters my world.  It was a mirror to reflect not only what I thought but to show what lies beyond.  And any room that had the window was mine to go sit in when I looked for silence inside, when it rained and when I wanted nothing more than just a book in hand…  In this quest, I have even laid claim on my parents bedroom in one house that had a large bay window carpeted for my comfort…

In all my favorite rooms, the walls changed as did the contents of the room as I grew.  I have had walls in a velvety chocolate brown and dark oak shelves and furnishings…  I’ve had riot of flowers and colors in bedspreads and curtains against unadorned floors; and a start off white room filled with plants and beads and wind chimes… What ties them together? A window, a book and a pensive, unlikely quiet me… 🙂

I dream of a room now tied in with a home that I want to have constructed one day.  An old fashioned red-brick house, with a large conservatory overlooking a lush green lawn at the back, with dark polished floors in wood, comfy sunk in bean bags and seats where I could sit and read and dream…  and write…


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