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October 8th 2011 – Childhood Adventure


“The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remaining over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves” Khalil Gibran

I’m a warrior,  tall and strong, leading my tribe up cookie mountain.. It has to be cookie mountain.  My horsey get hungry on the long ride.

I am a Bedouin princess, holding court, famed for my fair and just rule, just as my makeshift bed sheet tent comes floating around me..

I can morph into a  panther or any equally graceful, elegant wild animal Ala Manimal when I just want to get away from it all.. Or I could just go climb onto the roof.

Do you see that fighter jet, flying higher and faster than all the others, firing away at the bad guys?  That’s me, you know

Have you ever seen a witch, powerful drawing power from the moon, standing still on the edge of the world?  Or a princess ready to ride out with her knight to vanquish a dragon?

I was all these things and more when I climbed up the loquat tree to the terrace.

I was a little more reckless when I released the hand brake of my dad’s car while it stood on an inclined driveway but to my credit, I managed to turn it back onto  a grassy curb rather than the road.

And I still have no idea what prompted me to hideaway under a barrage of tents and camping equipment in the back of a 4-wheel that my cousins were planning to take on a 4 day trek to Fairy Meadows.

Oh, but my childhood was a wonder.  I was never quite the dutiful princess and I must have given my parents heads of white hair but as my mother puts it, it just wouldn’t have been me if I had played with my doll houses and tea sets the way they were meant to be played with.  It’s strange how I always dreamed of being strong and valiant; of having changed the world… Of being the hero.  My childhood was testament to my hero always being within me…


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