Satin Raindrops

It touched her like the smoothest satin,

Liquid heat flowing from the tips of her fingers,

Coursing through her body like little flickers of flames

Where they stopped, a sliver of lightening splits through

Dazzling the pale smoothness of her skin for just a second..

Making her sheen as silver, sheer as a clear cut crystal waiting for that one flash

to turn to diamonds

He could just watch, mesmerized as still as she was with the rain falling on her.  He wanted to save each little droplet of water that kissed her hair, her face and went on to trace silent, still contours of her body that somehow still hummed with the spirit that was her.  The spirit that sensed him and showed itself in the lift of a cheek flushed with heat and lips that glistened with moisture…  And then was there, in eyes that sparked with mischief and innocence and within that innocence a knowledge of what she could do to him, lending confidence to the hand that lifted to him and the finger that beckoned..

The thunder echoing around him was inside him now, drumming through his heart beat, till he could hear nothing else; the lightening crashing around him just illuminating the path that led to her; till he could do nothing else but reach and allow her to draw him into her… melding, melting as the water cloaked them into one…


1 Response to “Satin Raindrops”

  1. 1 UTP
    Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 1:00

    if the same post would be written without italics…it wouldnt have the same effect… well written and well italicized 🙂

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