A World in His Eyes

I’ve always found his eyes to be so very appealing.  They’re a strange, golden brown.  Tawny is the word for them and they are very leonine in appearance.  Large, and fringed with heavy lashes.  At times, when I kiss those eyes closed, I tell him those lashes belong to a girl.  And oh so expressive.  Everything he feels, comes clear into his eyes for everyone to read…

Today, those eyes held such turmoil.  Emotions swirled in them like so many storm clouds, clamouring to burst; heavy with flashes of anger that were drowned out by a very real disappointment and a very real possibility of absolute heartbreak.

And just as he is helpless to do anything but say it all, I can do nothing but listen.  And I smile.  And there is silence.  Silence that somehow bridges all that lies between us.  

I cannot offer empty platitudes and words of comfort that I don’t believe in but his misery is also oh so intolerable.  So I try and convey some sense of comfort to him.  Holding onto his hand, letting my fingers link with his, and now and then just resting my fingers against his face…  A single long, moment that ends in feeling his lips brush the palm of my hand… 

And inspite of the seriousness of what we talk about, and all that lies in between; with all the potential chaos that is waiting its turn… for that little while I see peace creep in to those eyes, and all is worth it.


1 Response to “A World in His Eyes”

  1. 1 silentmantra
    Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 0:14

    live for the moment gf! live for the moment!

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