I Have Sunday Night Blues….

Am perpetually tired…  My eyes are burning and there is a constant ache right between my shoulder blades.  It’s probably stress.  I have my research paper submission on the 9th and my draft is about oh zero percent complete.  I hate writing the damn thing…  Honestly, tell me to speak about it or make a presentation and I could go on for hours.  Writing it down is a bitch…  All my verbosity goes up in smoke…  Even when I do write something, am assailed on all sides with doubts about the quality of work and keep feeling that it’s coming up short…  Not quite the quality of work that I can do…  To top it all of, am blessed with a supervisor who actually said the following statement about me:

“You know, I’m not so worried about your paper at all.  Even if you prepare a sub standard paper, your communication skills are so good that once your presentation is done, you will have no issues in the defence.”

Sigh!!  Any motivation I had for working effectively went down the drain…

To top things off, I so need time and space to myself even if it’s only to hit my head against the wall…  Only I find my plans for solitude thwarted by a six foot phenomenon I affectionately refer to as my buddy…  Gah!!  And I thought I was stubborn…  Sheesh!!  His stubbornness makes me look like an absolute angel…  Another strange thought, he is so affecting my habits…  Spent the weekend dozing till past 10am well knowing that I get migraines if I over sleep ever!!!  This was despite the fact that I was asleep at 11pm both nights…  Today, the genius was yawning and stretching cat like even while sitting in the car before I dropped him off at sports practice..  I was half asleep by the time I got home!!  Result:  My proposed study hours of between 6 to 8 got converted into nap time…  And now in addition to feeling all achy and tired that comes with sleeping at odd hours, have another ding a ling of a headache coming on…

I’m going to have a brilliant start to my Monday!!


2 Responses to “I Have Sunday Night Blues….”

  1. Monday, August 4, 2008 at 3:48

    try making schedule for everything jaded..divide your time & try writing on that report in the best time of your day..cupa tea/coffee would do wonders whilst writing..thora karo par atleast start kar he dou..insha’Allah everything would be alright..take care!

  2. Friday, August 8, 2008 at 8:18

    draw lines for personal time and space
    for your own good

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