Something Old, Something New

And no, I am not talking weddings!

Something old being the fact that with a month and a half left to complete my research paper, I have finally bothered to take the time to come to university.  Ostenibly, this has been done to sit myself down in front of a computer, access the digital library and try to establish some logical premise to work on that would survive the poking and prodding it will be subjected to at the Research Conference in August.  Realistically, my success so far can be ascertained by the fact that this post is being written down. 

Something new refers to the fact that I have been offered a permanent faculty position at university.  I am feeling insane enough to take it on for some unknown reason.  Correction: known reasons!  The most important one being that being a permanent faculty member will add some much needed weight to any PhD applications that I intend to make during the year.  Also, the probability of actually getting financial aid for my studies would improve.  However, what I will actually do still remains to be seen.

As it is, for the moment, I need to get something done on this stupid paper.  My research advisor for all her competence adds to my issues.  She is so laid back and casual that any sense of purpose or drive that I feel before going to see her for our fortnightly meetings, drops down past Empty and I find myself dragging my feet for the rest of the week.  Additionally, she is so overcommitted this term, with regular courses and studies to oversee that every time we sit to discuss what actually to do, she goes spinning on another tangent and sends me off along another one.  

1 Response to “Something Old, Something New”

  1. 1 д§mд
    Sunday, June 29, 2008 at 1:38

    Good luck sis 🙂

    Though talk of this so studiously studies is already killing me =\

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