Strange how life comes down to choices. The ones you make of your own ‘free’ will and those that are forced upon you but then, is free will really free will? Is it also not dictated by the circumstances that are consequences of paradoxically your own choices that in another never ending loop would have been made because things were what they were as you saw them?

It has been an age since I’ve blogged. I no longer feel the compulsion to because the truth of my confessions appearing in words before my own eyes will terrify me and I am the epitome of a yellow-bellied, lily livered scaredy cat… a coward. It’s not that I don’t know or acknowledge the truths about myself.. It’s just that I’d rather not have a mirror screaming them out at me thank you very much!!

1 Response to “Choices”

  1. Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 7:13

    Sounds like you have been down lately – really sorry about that. As for writing as therapy? I understand – sometimes when I write on my blog or elsewhere as a way to get my thoughts out of my head & try to sort them out it can be like a painful mirror image staring back. This has happened to me. However, the other half of the time it actually is therapeutic.

    Not sure anything I am saying is helping. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think writing can genuinely be helpful – but maybe it depends on how we write our feelings out. I’ve noticed that when I can detach myself from my writing it helps my feelings to become clearer not messier. Maybe?

    Good luck with all you have going on.

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