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Convos: Out There

Sometimes you meet people, who strike a chord somewhere inside you. Something they say gives you such a strong sense of deja vu that they are no longer a stranger to you. It took one sentence in one post to prompt me to bring Psyched into my insane life. And now, it has got to the point where it seriously seems as if something is not quite complete in our day unless we exchange a gazillion sms-es about nothing much and make a phone call or two or three to scream, laugh, rant or come up with the strangest justifications for male behaviour. And yes, expressive as we are, we actually told each other of feeling so deprived the one day we didn’t actually talk.

Sometimes these conversations are no more than typed words in a chat window during the day. Yet, it won’t be wrong to claim that you can actually hear where the conversation is going. Although, whether it will make any sense to you at all is debatable. Our standard conversations cover a wide range of topics from Turkish Delight to Chocolates, from Ex-es to ex-es, from clothes to general every day BS and from Tiramisu to Weanies. And in no standard order!

For instance, just a while back, I was moaning over my inability to find one of my favourite tear jerkers (And I’m not talking about a guy here!) “While You Were Sleeping” and even as she suggested I watch the Indian frame by frame lift of the flick, she mentions porn. A sane person would have ignored the comment. Being me, I thought it my moral responsibility as a friend to enlighten her to the grossness of the actuality of porn especially the over the top sound effects. I believe I went into the specifics of the sounds too. Adjectives like ooohing, aaahing and grunting kind of stand out. And then I came up with this gem of a thought:

makes sense why guys like it… doesn’t use brain power to process it.

whereby Psyched bowed to my expert opinion, and then asks a whopper:

what if we mute it??

My rather understated response to that: “It’s still gross!

Can’t top a logical argument like that, can you? Especially when it’s the only logical part of the conversation! I’m still lost as to how a wishy washy lovey dovey movie got pulled into the controversial arena that is pornography. But then, as I’ve learned, sometimes the whole point of the conversation is not to find the point. Somehow it feels as though finding the point undermines the importance of the conversation.

Thanks for the inanity hon! 😀

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