The first rain of winter has left me blued and flued which in my current state of being swamped with things to do is so not what I wanted.  I love the rain.  The way the sky changes colour, the scent of winter in the air…  It always soothes me…  Today it left me with the incomprehensible urge to weep even as the heavens rained down…

Have spent the last two days being poked, prodded and peeked at by people in white coats.  If that wasn’t enough had to undergo the awkwardness that goes with being injected and having blood drawn and tested.  All this has only reminded me how much I absolutely hate dealing with doctors…  (Yes!  I know they are people too!).  Have a very bad feeling will have to disclose visits to doc to mama dearest…  Had been avoiding that so far since mama is an expert at stressing and she has enough on her plate with papa leaving for Hajj Insha’allah next week and issues with her sister but me thinks all is not right in my world right now and disclosure would be better.

My research paper is now hanging over my head while I splash about in the sea of papers, notes and miscellaneous trash trying to figure out where to start writing it.  The interviews are more or less done with although do have another meeting on Monday but sitting down and then putting words to paper when it’s academics and not a story is not as easy I would expect it to be.

Spent yesterday evening at the neighbours.  Not that my ex-crush was there but had been fielding off invitations to visit by the parents for the last couple of months.  It was an interesting couple of hours with honest to goodness sweet people (stirred the desire in me to have them for in-laws :-p) where I was regaled with tales of their family history, their coming to Pakistan and their only son.  Had a wonderful dinner with the dear old things going all out offering me one thing and then another even while they interrogated me quite thoroughly.  The closing of the dinner was most interesting though.  Strong Turkish coffee served with Turkish Delight (Psyched!  A-hem!  Do not even go there!) in these wonderful little coffee cups and saucers.   Tradition holds that once the coffee has been drunk, the cup is turned over in the saucer and the swills, swirls and patterns apparently can tell your future.  His mother and I had an entertaining time trying to explain our interpretations of what my coffee said using a little English, a lot of sign language and even more laughter while his father who knows English fluently decided to stay out of the conversation itself and proceeded to look most amused at our antics.

Weekend tomorrow, thank goodness!  I just want to pull the blanket up over my head and sleep the day away!  Although, do need to seriously think about starting my write up on Sunday.  Also, have just realized approaching deadlines for admissions and my utter lack of preparation in terms of getting hoards of documents attested, verified and what not!

This procrastination is going to be the death of me!


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