Got Tagged!

After eons by dear Psyched… and somehow the excitement that I used to feel at a tag in my early days of blogging barely a year ago has so blah-ed down…  Nonetheless, never let it be said that I did not tackle any tag thrown my way…  Here goes…

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it? The ring finger of my left hand carries no diamond rings but a reminder of when I used a tin opener to try and open my hand…

2. What does your phone look like? Scratched, bruised and on its last legs

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom? A Venetian Costume Mask, A lousy T-shirt that is all I got from my bro’s visit there, and a framed pic of a baby with an attitude!

4. What is your current desktop picture? Gary Barlow from Take That!  (It is my desk top!!!)

5. Do you believe in gay marriage? To each their own! 

6. What do you want more than anything right now? A one way ticket out of here!

7. What time were you born? 0645

8. Last person who made you cry? I can manage that task well enough on my own, thank you very much!

9. What is your favorite perfume/cologne? Tommy Girl, Contradiction, Femme

10. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex? Blonde hair, Blue or Gray eyes.  (Okay okay… don’t give me that look ladies… So I may have a death wish…)

11. What are you listening to? Patience (Take That)

12. Do you get scared of the dark? Hell No

13. Do you like pain killers? Name one reasonable sane person who actually ‘likes’ pain killers!!!  Who came up with tag anyhoo????

14. Are you too shy to ask someone out? No but I’d rather not simply to avoid the mess.

15. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? Am craving crisp fried chicken and fries

16. Who was the last person you made mad? You want me to name one?  

17. Who was the last person who made you smile? Mama 

18. Is anyone in love with you? It would be just that little bit arrogant would it not, for me to answer that…  but hey, I’m self sure enough to say yes! :p  

X, Samar and whoever else fancies it, consider yourself tagged!


5 Responses to “Got Tagged!”

  1. 1 mE
    Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 13:22

    hey , i like pain killers 😛

    but no i did NOT come up with this tag

  2. 2 Jaded
    Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 20:07

    @ mE: I rest my case :-p and thank you for verifying your exclusion in the process of developing such inane blog nonsense that is so unproductively addictive! 😀

  3. 3 a s m a
    Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 0:57

    Gray eyes make me go ooh ooh 😉

    U’ve a shirt on wall of your room?? Lol :o)

    Done this and another weirdo tag already 🙂

  4. 4 mE
    Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 14:01

    Oh i didnt notice the sane part,

    in my case , insanity is adopted by choice, much better

  5. 5 PsycheD
    Friday, November 16, 2007 at 12:05

    *gives the looks for #10*
    (that’s all for now…am not my blogging self lately rmr!)

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