Eid Post; Post Eid

Eid seems to last longer and longer every year.  And I don’t believe its a good thing.  Being stuck in Peshawar on a Saturday with the city celebrating Eid while the rest of the country fasts its way through the day is made worse by the realization that it will still be the first day of eid when we return to Islamabad the next day.

The first day itself was a strange swinging experience this time around.  Where it was hard and not a little morose to go to my daddy ji’s place knowing he’s not going to be there when all you feel in that house is an echo of his voice and his laughter, my family was also engulfed in the joy of knowing that we shall soon have a wedding to celebrate.  It was a little poignant, since we also knew that daddy ji was one person who despite all the issues that float around among the echelons of family, would have genuinely been dancing for joy at the news.  I pray to the Almighty to bless daddy ji’s soul and the souls of those who departed from the world this year, while giving strength and peace to those left behind to move on. (Ameen.)

The second day was also a monumental one in itself.  Call it a visual representation of family ties being passed from one generation to the other.  Till a few years ago, formal get togethers for the whole family were arranged by my parents and I’m sure, our neighbours moved out for the day when my cousins and aunts and uncles descended onto our place.  Call it age, or simply a slice of time moving on, these get togethers have considerably toned down and come few and far in between mostly because our parents simply no longer have the stamina to arrange them.  This time around, a cousin has assumed the mantle and took on the herculean task of getting the entire family together for lunch.  And it was a smashing success.

My family, for all its hang ups, is surprisingly open and very very loud.  When we get together, age no bar, relation no bar, and it is an open season so to speak.  We are the family that everybody will be turning around to look at, questioning the sanity of more than thirty people around one table, all talking at the same time, cracking jokes, and laughing their heads off.  My friends sometimes complain, that for all my griping about my family politics and state, the minute my cousins come into town, I fall off the radar.  It’s just a little hard to explain to them, that for all our problems that come to the fore when we are apart, at moments like this when we are in the ‘moment’, we don’t need anyone else.  And because of who we are, all of us know that moments like these are a little rare to come by, and so when they do, we celebrate them with absolute passion and enthusiasm.

I hope everybody had an eid worth celebrating, with a prayer that our fate allows us these moments of joy and peace more often. (Ameen)


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