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More Sadness…

We Pakistanis have always been an emotional lot and nothing quote brings that to the fore than cricket.  Even the most prosaic among us who cannot understand the logic of 22 people chasing one ball have a strange fascination with it if just to try and evaluate what it is about us that can move us through a maelstrom of feelings…

This week has brought it all.  For most of us, the anguish and horror at losing to a team that does not even have test playing status would probably be deemed the ‘IT’ of the worst that could happen.  Unfortunately, we would be wrong.  Barely 24 hours later and we hear the news of the death of Bob Woolmer, the coach of the Pakistani team.  Where hours before, people were commenting on how he has ruined Pakistan cricket and should be sacked, the tide has turned to people expressing their grief and offering tributes.

One interesting aspect that some people of my acquaintance commented on was that Woolmer’s death at least reflects the fact that he was disappointed by the loss and was pondering it.  On the other hand, this also reveals, as so many channels are now commenting on the incredible stress that coaching a cricket team in a country like Pakistan (and India) places on a human being.

It made me wonder when we forgot that cricket is just a game.  Maybe the fact that the absence of effort or spirit is so apparent in ‘boys’ when they play not so well makes it easier for the disappointment to become irrational anger.

Nonetheless, the World Cup of 2007 will be remembered by most for reasons that are not all that pleasant; Pakistan’s dismal exit from the tournament and Woolmer’s exit from the world, each made all the more tragic because of the other.

Rest in peace Bob Woolmer…  And for you a prayer I offer for all those who pass on, that may the next world treat you better than this one and the people you’ve left behind find solace in your memory.

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