Soap Scraps

Alright people!  The soap is off the air.  Tune into some other blog now for your weekly kicks.  This version of ‘The Stalker and the Gora’ is being scrapped.  You heard it right here folks.  It is over, finis, kaput, bye bye…

Amid the rising crescendo of heartbroken wails and sobs, I fear I must confess to heartbreak far greater than yours.  Nothing cools ones ardor faster than realizing the abject immaturity of the person in question.  No matter how charming or how easy on the eyes…  Besides when a crush makes you feel like an old hag, it gets real old, real fast. 

As per my last mention, it has been confirmed that cute neighbor dude be seriously younger than I am and as conversations have progressed my sleeping brain cells have been roused enough for my sensible side to take over which means that there will be no more gawking, staring, stalking, lusting after thereof of said neighbor dude no matter how tempting the notion.

Cannot of course stop the walk since that would be way to obvious a give away, besides truth be told it’s fun even on days I don’t see blondie in his gate but have to keep conversations a little on track.  The few conversations I have had with the kid lead me to believe that the game could get out of hand if I’m not careful and I don’t think I want to be responsible for breaking his heart so early on in life…  I would be pretty hard to get over. 😀

Nonetheless, it was fun while it lasted…  Besides, just because hopes of something more lie dashed among the ruins that is the difference between our age (and mental and emotional intelligence)  doesn’t mean I can’t have a cute gora dude as a friend…


9 Responses to “Soap Scraps”

  1. Monday, February 5, 2007 at 0:52

    tsk tsk…

    you are bound to come to your senses sooner or later… hope you had a soft fall :p

    isn’t it strange how you automatically get attracted to younger people??? :S

  2. Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 9:44

    good for u!
    this soap had to be scrapped!

    mansoor….she didnt have any fall……and stop acting like a paedophile!

  3. 3 PsycheD
    Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 14:03

    its not us 25 and beyond gals who ‘automatically’ fall for someone who later on turn out to be younger…..its just that guys cant seem to make the cross over into late 20s n early 30s in way that will make them attractive! something or the other goes wrong along the way!
    of course….with due respect, there are the very FEW exceptions, that are almost impossible to come by
    …i think i just started another one of those battle of the sexes pinging here 😛

  4. Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 15:30

    Lol J!!! The stupidity of younger guys comes through sooner or later. And they go from being cute to irritating pretty fast. It was great source for drama and intrigue in ur life. If not these little episode then what will keep life interesting?

    Mansoor…did we just discover your secret fantasy? one of many i mean 😛

  5. 5 Jaded
    Tuesday, February 6, 2007 at 17:23

    @ Mansoor: Well I don’t know about the automatic attraction to younger ppl and this one instance was very circumstancial 😉 thankfully a fall was out of the question because i am old enough to know better 😀

    @ X: I told you I was sensible 😀

    @ Psyched: LOL You be so right yaar… And you know what I find so shocking is that one actually ends up wasting so much time wanting to be faced with inconclusive proof that the mind cells of the being in front have not progressed beyond a certain age.. We know it, recognize it and are still stumped when we get that proof… 😀 Any and all debates welcome so long as they stay polite

    @ Extiinct: Like I said, was so fun while it lasted… It was nice being juvenile for a while… a throwback to the good old days of … “countless incidents” like this… but jeez.. thank God it’s over and my brain is reasserting itself!! It was exhausting being a stalker!

  6. Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 0:58

    any chances for me :”) we live in same city … accessible 😉

  7. Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 1:34

    Awww, sucks! I’ve just getting into the Soap. Bugger! Shame he turned out to be young. Perhaps he has an older brother or cousin, or even a neighbour more suitable to your age….Hang on! what the heck am I saying?! Just so I can get my blog kicks by reading your ‘soapy’ (apologies for lack of a better word) posts, I’m hoping you’ll find another bloke to swoon over. ‘Fat chance!’ I hear you say…

    Sorry Sarah, i’m off my trolley today. I think still recovering from the shock of this favourite blog soap of mine being scraped.:( I think I shall go rent a movie instead..perhaps even an old classic like “An affair to remember”

  8. 8 raptor
    Thursday, February 8, 2007 at 11:26

    @Psyched: Well first of all, I don’t see a point why the chronological age has to be a problem, or why always the guy has to be older than woman. It’s a desi mind set with limited exposure, get over it.

    Secondly, as per you, men atleast make it to 30 before supposedly loosing their charm or whatever, well here is a reality check (with due respect) women don’t make it to mid twenties before looking like dump trucks all loaded with fat and scum. Most of the fat however, accumulates in the head. Those poor men who fall prey to the snare of marriage, are in for a surprize when his “slim and sleak ferrari” turns into a “dual armored tank” after child birth. How many women do you see on side walks or gyms? Their self centered ego, and paranoia of “chaddar and char dewari” keeps them confined to the limits of their homes, or the 8ftx8ft car porches and side walks.

    Ofcourse there is nothing wrong in living in a state of self denial. Works best for NPD .

  9. Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 11:14

    hahah that sucks man! even though i didnt get to follow the soap, it sounds like everyone enjoyed it and it was fun nonetheless!
    im sorry its ended but alls well that ends well, yeah?:)

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