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Missed Chances…? *Sigh*

Normal Scenario:

  • Girl has crush on guy.
  • After days of silence, they finally talk and names are known.
  • Waves and hellos and how- dos become routine thanks to the fact that the guy invariably is exiting his house to go somewhere or the other while the girl is trying to put one foot in front of the other in the never ending battle to lose weight.
  • Guy going to Supermarket, malls… wherever… take your pick.
  • Guy says to girl that she be welcome to come along with him.
  • Girl tags along and it could be the start of something bootiful… no?

What actually happens in my world:

  • Girl has crush on guy.
  • Girl spends evenings walking under the premise of losing weight, in reality day dreaming of opportunity to say hi and stun him with scintillating conversation should he step out of the house and yet the minute he does, head snaps forward with military precision and girl proceeds to forward march double time proverbially smacking her forehead for the rest of the night.
  • Finally, she gets the courage to say hello and some conversation gets under way progressing to occasional waves and howdy-doos as she walks and he heads to his car. And even a toot of a horn as he drives past…
  • One evening, as the girl walks, guy comes out of the house, dressed in black and discloses that he be heading out to Jinnah Super
  • States very nicely that girl be welcome to come along with him if she wants.
  • Over the loud beating of her heart, girl smiles, and manages to tell the guy, no thanks, have a good time and then stands there waving him off and actually grins when he toots the horn at her…

Okay, this is bad. Tooting horns usually piss me off, and here I actually grin and wave. Oh well, I guess there are toots and then there are toots…

But seriously… Where in God’s name am I getting off here? And what am I doing? Actually, I’m okay. Life’s a little interesting and a little fun. And it’s fun playing with mental scenarios that probably would never come to be and store away a tidbit to smile about when I’m in class.

Regretably though, I’m not much on action. I broke that rule a teensy bit when I sent him the cake (but I was actually just being neighborly and thanking him for his help the other day) and have bended it further to actually talk to him a little (hey, he’s a neighbor and I’ve never been one not to talk anyway) but it won’t go beyond that. Visions of candle-light dinners or even walking together in the street are going to stay well behing my eyes where I can clap them closed when they get weird.

Despite my bleeding heart envisioning him out for a night on the town, being the ogler or the oglee, there is no way I would have accepted the invite anyhow and it’s enough to leave me cheerful that he asked. Besides, where is the charm of the crush and the thrill of forbidden amore if it gets real?

And for my concerned friends, why do you think I haven’t mentioned the name? He probably already thinks I’m insane for walking in this weather and if he thinks I’m stalking him, that will be the end of that… Although, seeing him running back inside and hiding behind curtains or his mom would be pretty darn amusing but it is more fun this way. And I just might get enough exercise to lose weight… So let’s hope that this remains here and he remains unaware of it. Don’t want to give the game away, now do we?

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