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Tagged Twice…

Oh dear! Whatever shall I do? Tagged by Extiinct and X… Does that mean I have to solve this thing twice as in come up with ten weird things about me? Not a problem for me, at all!
1. My affinity to have crushes on goras. 😉
2. There are times when I for all my confidence and people skills, act like a complete doo-doo head and find my tongue in knots.
3. I eat apples with salt on them.
4. I always gain weight when I actually try losing it.
5. I have a book thing… It’s too weird to be called a fetish… I adore books, the smell of them, the feel of the paper and I buy them in so many hordes that at times, books get buried beneath piles of new purchases and come out only in occasional bouts of spring cleaning the room.
6. I rarely sit and watch a complete movie… I watch it in parts and prefer to fast forward to the ending once I’ve seen enough of the beginnning to figure out what the story line is.
7. I talk to myself, really loudly and there have been times when I have done so in front of people.
8. I have a nit-picking habit of unwrapping things/gifts slowly and carefully so that it doesn’t tear, much to the hair pulling aggravation of my sister and friends.
9. I get embarassed when there are scenes in movies and/or sitcoms where a character is about to get into a scrape… (Sympathy pains I’ve heard, I suffer from sympathy mortification.)
10. I relate more to words and characters in books than I do with people in real life!
Okay, am done! Top that!! :p Who to tag? In2Deep for sure and anyone else who has the inclination.

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