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Neighbor Update: Possibilities, Hallelujah!!!

So, I’m sitting in front of this pc laughing like a hyena! (It’s ridiculous, honestly!)
But anyway, apparently there is a God and He is very merciful towards me and most gracious. Reason? How else is one supposed to think when the current crush person not only turns out to be the national of a Muslim country but Muslim himself too?
My new neighbor dude be from Turkey and I found that out first hand when the bell doth ring this evening and I stomped out in the ideal garb of seriously oversized sweat shirt and sweatpants with hair a mess, to find one blonde blue eyed dude standing at the gate.
(*GASP!* Be still my heart!)
Anyhoo, unable to stop the wide grin splitting my face, I contented myself to saying a very surprised walaikum assalam to his very proper Salam and then noticed the plate that he was holding, covered in plum and off white napkin. As I took it, I was told that this was a specialty of Turkey, especially for me. 🙂
I thanked him, and then asked him if he wanted to come inside for tea. Alas, he had some work to do and he left saying bye, leaving me staring behind him like a fool for an age before I realized that it was kind of cold and the warm glow I had inside did not keep the zero degrees at bay, especially when I realized that I still don’t know his name!! AAAArrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!
This appears to be a veg-based savory kind of finger food like our desi cutlets, with just a little more tang and slightly orangey red in appearance that need to be fried before consumption. Any food gurus out there who could educate me on the intricacies of Turkish cuisine?
More soon, I hope….

Blogword No. 29: Write

A fierce battle, the sky colored red and rent with cries of fury;

Or a regency waltz with elaborate gowns and dashing rakes,

The adrenaline rush of committing the jewelry heist of the century,

Or saving the world with a second to spare…

All I need to do to see all this and so much more…

Be what I want to be, where I want to be and when…

Is simply write it down…

And let my words bring my imagination to life…

January 2007