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Some Givens

Why is it that regardless of the occasion, or the incongruity of a remark, one or the other of the parade of people wandering into our house at Eid and such, usually one of my esteemed relatives will deem it fit to pass their oh so wise and oh so profound bits of judgement on happenings in my life?
Happenings that are not altogether pleasant and happenings that I hope to have buried somewhere in the deep, dark pit of my mind, at least enough to ignore and pretend I’m alright and I’m past it and yet knowingly they probe and say just one thing that makes all those nightmares live and breathe for me. More upsettingly, it brings them to life for my mama and she gets upset.
This in one of the primary reasons I have come to hate social occasions of any kind that involve my family getting together. Despite the fact, that they had fodder enough from Peshawar they needed to take a bite out of me and chew me down like cud and that if I think about it is a disgusting analogy.
Nonetheless, a note to a knight in shining armor, am pissed and liable to blow up hence my absence and inaccessibility. You be knowing who you be are. Just need to refocus a little. These holidays always leave me in a slight skewed position.
For the moment, am rushing. Have been eaten out of home and hearth (nearly) and need to drive mama to the market to restock. That reminds me, am stalely out of shampoo and my stock of scrubs and polishes is low. I think I have some eidee to splurge though… but books are so much more important than shampoo and such! 🙂
But wait, Mama’s b’day’s tomorrow, and although the dutiful daughter has already given her a present, there has to be something for the day itself, but what? Except that I have 2 friends whose birthdays are tomorrow as well…

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